Marr Auto Car Company

The designer of this car was Walter L. Marr, who worked for David Buick from 1989 until 1901 as Chief Engineer.  At that time Buick built engines for boats, sawmills and other manufacturing uses.  During this period, Marr built a motorized wagon in a barn behind the motor shop.  After a disagreement between the two men, Mr. Marr purchased the car from Buick and used it as the prototype for the Marr Auto Car. 

Walter Marr made significant changes to the vehicle after leaving the Buick’s employ.  Perhaps most remarkable was the addition of an overhead cam to operate the valves.  This car is believed to have first OHV-OHC engine produced in the United States.  Marr included four additional noteworthy features which he patented in 1903, the first tilt steering wheel, change gear, changeable speed gears on a planetary transmission and a revolutionary new carburetor.  It is known that as many as thirty-five Marr Auto Cars were assembled in the Marr Auto Car factory in Elgin, Illinois.  Fourteen of these completed cars were destroyed in a factory fire in 1903, ending the company’s existence. 

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Car Facts

  1. -Manufactured in 1903

  2. -Assembled by Fauber Manufacturing

  3. -Single Cylinder

  4. -Overhead Valve

  5. -Overhead Cam

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Amelia Island

Hilton Head

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